Really? Seriously?

Observations on the world around me…
…a perpetual work in progress.

I always wanted a place to write down everything I see that I feel odd in some way. 
You see, I have an expertly tested and near-unique ability to track patterns and see connections, anomalies, while tracking them  in relation to world around. 

Sounds cool… is ultimately really annoying. 

However, I was curious to some degree to see if anyone would discover this area of my site and find some kind of humor or solace in my notes on the world. 

Uhm… enjoy? 

4th of July

So… I live in a pretty rural area… I like my peace and quiet when working… I also have a totally awesome greyhound:  Harley.  As a lurcher, he’s pretty sensitive.  WHAT THE HELL 4th OF JULY??  This is a 4 minute recording of what lasted for about 2.5 hours.  SO F’n UNNECCESARY!!!

The wicked long list of pet peeves:

  1. Traffic Controllers:
    No, not stop lights… the absolutely obnoxious people that choose to drive the RAV4, CRV, and non-Sport Chevrolet cars!

    Seriously, it is absolutely not your job to control the speed and flow of traffic. Please let me borrow your owners manual so that I may read it for myself where you are told to drive 10-15 MPH/KPH per hour under the speed limit at all times unless there is a passing lane in which case you need to drive 20 over.  AND ffs, why the hell do you need to always be in the fast lane?  You are a terrible driver with a chip on your shoulder.  I know that these vehicles were somehow an upgrade to your Prius, I just wish you could have ditched your shit driving abilities with that car.
    Chevy car drives… I haven’t figured it out with you yet.  Is it you bought a grossly underpowered car with questionable build quality? Or are you the same as those jerks in the RAV4s and CRVs?

  2. People who say “expresso”
    My own mother is one of these people, its come close to me disowning her.

  3. My Feelings are more important than facts
    Guess what? If you are one of these people you’re not only ignorant you are also simply a douchebag.

  4. Liars – even those little white lies are BS.  Leaving out details, also lies.  Context is everything.

  5. Ghosting.  Don’t be a pussy, just say “not interested”.  Its simply better for your and their mental health.  All you’re really doing is confirming you really do suck.

  6. Old people who drive Teslas – dude, you drive like shit… use your autopilot.

  7. Anyone who expects the world for nothing.  Example?  Sure:
    Person asks me for a “simple design” in trade for a hoodie.

    Sure, I could use a hoodie.

    Ok, what we need is a hoodie design, with a full back piece and new logo for the front.

    So what you really want is a logo design, a full art piece that can be placed on a hoodie… How about: Go fuck yourself.   
    If i was going to do that much work, I’d literally spend the $20 bucks to make my own.

  8. People who always seem to not have poop bags for their dogs.  Really, you “forgot”  I understand running out, but when you show up with pocketless shorts and a tank top to a soccer field in a school yard, are surprised there is someone else there then pull the “i forgot a bag”.  You’re simply full of shit.  You know it and I know it.  Why not just be honest and say “i was going to leave my dogshit mid-field, but since theres a witness, would you give me a bag?” 
    Hey, you still suck, but you’d be honest and I can respect that.

  9. Jeeps at night.
    Specifically wrangler, renegade styles:  WHY THE HELL DO YOU ALL HAVE TO DRIVE WITH YOUR BRIGHTS ON AT ALL TIMES????

  10. Entitled people.  Guess what?  Your a douchebag.

  11. More to come later…