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Professional Audio Services

What can Romo do for you?
Honestly, just about anything.

Production & Remixing

From soundtracks to stage effects, runways to retail, remixes to originals Mr Romo has created audio for nearly every sound environment.

Romo has done music for video games, stage productions, fashion shows, parades, restaurants, exterior spaces, movies, commercials, and just about anything else you can imagine professional audio being required. 

If you have a special need, want a custom remix, or simply looking for the right music for your in-house, background, presentation, etc…

You can count on professional & timely deliverables.

Performance & Events

Josh Romo, as a self described musical archivist, has literally been around the world several times performing cutting edge music to sold out audiences. 

Known under several different monikers and as a ghost producer for top-ten artists across multiple genres has afforded him access to some very exclusive audiences.

However, don’t let that lead you to believe that would keep him from performing in the intimate, dive-y, or basement venu.  He fundamentally believes there is knowledge to gain from every performance, and frequently accepts bookings in some of the strangest locations.  You’ll find yourself asking “how does he do that?”

Weddings & Private Parties

Unfortunately, I’m not really taking wedding bookings now… Its an important day for everyone involved, and I stress about it.  On my end they always go off without a hitch, but its a lot of work and stress…

Except that one time where someone roofied my drink… Seriously, why roofie the DJ??  Possibly an attempt to loot my gear… regardless, that was horrible.

Anyway, I don’t do ’em now.  I mean feel free to try to persuade me, I mean everyone has a price right?

Private parties, totally down to throw down for you your event.  Lets have a blast, and I’ll make sure you do with a smile on my face!

Music & Mixes

Romo is exceptionally diverse so everything we could find is more-or-less organized alphabetically by genre… 

BAssline & Jackin House

BAss Music & Trap

Deep Beat / Beat Generation

Breaks, Big Beat & Ghettofunk

Deep House


Josh Romo – Live at the Baroness

DeepStep & Atmospheric Breaks


ozbluecover copy

Mr Romo – Oz Blue


Mr Romo – The Lowdown

Drum & Bass


Electro House

Hip-Hop & Funk


Mr Romo – Various Degrees in Old Skool


Mr Romo – Live On KBOO Radio


Mr Romo – It’s Got to be Funky



Romo – Remixmas


Mr Romo – The EXmess

House & Funky House

Jazz Influenced Club Music


Mixed Genre, Turntablism & Random Obsurdity

The good stuff


Mr Romo – Major Appliances


Mr Romo – Waxin’ Ur Turtle


Mr Romo – SayGaaah


Mr Romo – Ouch Scratch


Vort3x – From Mars

Pop & Top40


Josh Beastie – Ruby’s Dance Mix


Mr Romo – Opens set for Snow Patrol

Tech House


Josh Romo – Opening set for Pezzner & Jacob London



Romo – Vocaloid Live mix


Romo – Opens for Vocaloid Tour 2015 (Live mix)

about Mr Romo

Josh Romo

Adventures in musical wizardry

Also known as:
Shotgun Buck, Vort3x, Josh Beastie,
American DJ, Roma, Bomb Droppa.

Also part of:
Sidewalk Empire, StormTroopers, R&R,
The Dynamic Duo, Invaders, & NOMA.

With over 30 years experience as a DJ under his belt Romo has literally done it all… twice.

Always the epitome of a professional, his first gig came at the age of 12 and he’s been musically leading the party ever since.  His career as a musical specialist has taken him around the globe to perform in over 40 countries.

Choosing knowledge and hard work over fame, he remains humble and passionate about the finer details of music and entertainment all while keeping an honest and friendly smile on his face.

Quick Stats:

Contact / Booking

To contact DJ Romo for any business or bookings please call or use the form below

503 . 358 . 6132

Available from 1pm – 8:00pm PST

Office Address:
13150 D ST #4
Nehalem Oregon 97131