RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/mrromo

Monkiers: Shotgun Buck, Lil Beastie, Mr. Romo, Josh Beastie, Dj Clue, Vort3x, Punk Bongo

1/2 of:  NOMA (with Anna Langley), Stormtroopers (with Jerry Abstract)

Affiliations: Bullet:Dodge Records, Thud Rumble, Mixer, Folding Space

In a current musical climate where originality can often be drown out by the mundane, Josh Romo’s tireless work both behind the scenes and the forefront of the always changing underground club scene Romo has greatly influenced the musical world around him.

Preferring to stay a subtle but influential force, Romo is best described as a music idealist.  According to spin magazine “Romo’s obscurity is a bit of a puzzle… especially when you consider the length of his career and the A-list talent he has been known to associate with”.

A lover of all genres, his proficiency in mixing stretches across the spectrum from nufunk to deep house, techno and drum & bass.  His sets can range from a diverse hybrid of fluid transitions & hip-hop style flare to focused sub genre experiences that tunnel through the more obscure edges of the club spectrum.   Deep down Romo is a purist dedicated to bringing people only proper music that is of quality.  Topping it off he is known as being “one hell of a nice guy”.

Romo’s current direction is as it always has been:  Staying on the bleeding edge of music.   Josh Romo began his career at the age of 12 and was spinning main room sets by the age of 15.  As a competitor in DMC Romo made it to regional 4 times before chaning his style from turntablism to that of “underground club”.  Over the years Romo has flown all over the world to work or perform with greats such as King Brit, Laurent Garnier, Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), Craze, Qbert, DJ Shadow, The Stanton Warriors, Grandmaster Flash, John Tejada as well as a host of more contemporary artists like Thievery Corporation, Pillowtalk, Alexander East and Gold Panda.

Over the last 10 years romo has played nearly every major music festival in the US & Europe and has performed at legendary clubs such ask Blank (NY), Rhythm Factory (LDN), & the Sub Club (GLA) to name but a few.

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