Info and thoughts on the gear Mr Romo uses

Road Gear:

The road gear choices were made based on Durability, Sound, Quality, and Features.

2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000mk2

CD Mixing is here to stay. Will it ever replace vinyl? No.


There is nothing like bringing 400 hours of music to a show, without bringing 20 crates of records.

Nothing can scratch like the pioneer... nothing.


The Numark Direct Drive CD Tuntables would be great IF:

1. They had a tone arm attachment so you could actually play the record you had on the platter

2. They upgrade their firmware so the scratch didn't sound so synthetic

Pioneer CMX-5000 & a CMX-3000)

DJM-3000 (soon to be replaced with a DJM-800)

Rane Mixers beat all for sound quality and durability, follwed by Allen & Heath.

I'd use a rane if they made a 4-channel with cd triggers on each channel... but they don't.

So the Pioneer 3000 is the best choice if you need cd triggers on every channel.



2 x Technics 1200 SL MK2

I don't care what anyone says these are the best turtables ever built.  

I have used the MK3 & 5, as well as tables by Gemini, Stanton, Numark and Vestax.

I have seen EVERY other make and model break down, but never the MK2's.

Sony MD S1

Toshiba Laptop