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Artist - Album - Label


1. The Herbaliser – Take London
The best beats money can buy. Produced by one of the best groups to ever make a record. Thier entire catalog is unique, fun, and timeless. This album shows thier ability to evolve without compromise

2. Jeff Kettle – Momentary Delights
Unique downtempo inde emo with a trip-hop feel. All without the cliches.

3. Lyrics Born – Same !@#$ Different Day
This is what hip-hop is about, innovative, stylish, street saavy.

4. King Britt - Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan
Sister Gertrude Morgan all hopped up on King Britts steroid beats. All done tastefully without compromising the original beauty of this ledgendary gospel singer.

5. Kraak & Smaak – Boogie Angst
The best remixers since 2000 finally put out a full length.

6. Meat Beat Manifesto – At the Center
Every year Meat Beat has somthing that deserves to be on a best of list. This album is truely exquisite.

7. Kabanjak meets Protasson – Grow
Downtempo Trip-hop shows it truely isnt dead

8. KJ Swaka - Synchronized Decompression
Electro at its best in 2005

9. Beatfanatic – the Gospel According to Beatfanatic
Nothing but good beat driven music across the board.

10. DJ Babu, DJ Rhettmatic & Fanatik - Wild Stylus
a reissue of a record that was impossible to find in 1998.