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Mr Romo is a turntablist that defies stylistic defintion.
Romo plays everything under the sun and mixes it seamlessly thoroughout his epic sets. As a genre defying artist Mr Romo has masterd the following:
Downtempo, Trip-hop, Hip-hop, Trance, Lounge, Acid, House, Club Jazz, Mash-ups, Techno, Minimal, Experimental, Jazz,
Electro, Turntablism, Pop, Rock, and the list goes on...

Mr Romo was, at first, a side project of Radio Personality Josh Beastie, and is now featured in Portlands beat driven music show; Underground, on radio 1450am KPSU.

Turntablsim at heart with music in mind, anything goes, Romo mixes & remixes various types of music, loops, and samples together to form his unique sounding Music. Mr Romo drawns inspiration from a vast array artists such as Freddy Fresh, Thelonious Monk, Ken Nordine, Soul Hooligan, James Brown, and many, many, others.

Romo is working with several musicians and artists on both fusion and improvisational projects. Including heading The Invaders Collective, BioSynthetics, Mr Mr, The FUeZE, Kid Dynomite, Mile High Club, and the Little Beastie.

Mr Romo’s unique sound covers the complete musical spectrum... everything.
( jazz, deep down tempo, dubstep, grime, house, electro, experimental, country, world, hip-hop, rock, acid, breakbeat, drum & bass, blues, turtablism, trip-hop, lounge, pop, indie, folk, classical, ambient, oldies, spoken word, funk, metal.)

However, when asked the question “what style are you” in a recent interview, Mr Romo replied, “An electronic musician who believes music has a basic fundemental structure. No sytle, and all styles; its all the same”.  
Romo continues "I'm a turntablist of sorts, and feel creating new music from snips of old is a true artform".

The equipment he currently uses can be found Here.  

Mr Romo currently does sound design for these fine businesses. 

DJ Mr Romo has been billed with:
Grandmaster Flash, Modest Mouse, The Killers, Noonday Underground, Mr Scruff, The Anti-Pop Consortium, DJ P, Rev Shines, Tino Corp, Dimensional Holographic Sound, Hydrophonic Sound System, DJ Shadow, Velvet Indiana, PGE, Kittenz, Jerry Abstract, The Dimes, UHF, Public Enemy, Godfather, Medeski Martin & Wood, Ravi, Korn, and many more